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Closing the Doors

So. Strikethrough and Boldout, whatever. SixApart finally started clarifing some of what they mean. (if you're interested in more information and the hypocrisy, I have a post compiling some of it)

Their clarifications, coupled with the banning of ponderosa121 for drawing Harry of ambiguous late-teen age in a sexual situation had me pondering the fate of the community. This is going to be a copy-pasted write up for two communities that are being closed (alchemy_bullets and envyedo) so adjust any details as needed to apply to each, since the main reason these are being closed is the same.

Edward Elric is half the pairing for each, and for the majority of the series and in the current entirety of the manga, he is under the age of 18. I could make a rule that nothing is to be posted that does not clearly have Edward aged 18 or older, but I won't. Because for one, I know many members do not necessarily write or draw him in that age range, and anything worked into a current-canon setting would automatically pin it down. It's stupid. And there have been other FMA communities on LJ which have closed their doors due to these events to protect the maintainers and members, which is what I am interested in doing.

However, I will not remove the communities. I will remain on as the sole maintainer, and if they suspend me for leaving up placeholders, so be it. There are alternative communities on both GJ and IJ, and feeds are supplied for each of them. Further information is behind the cut.

IJ: Envy_x_Ed | Alchemy_Bullets
GJ: Envy_x_Ed | Alchemy_Bullets

1) Both Alchemy_Bullets and EnvyEdo have been backed up into PDF form using LJBook. Leave a comment either in this post, or email me at zannechaos at insanejournal dot com or drop by my IJ (or GJ if you prefer) and leave a comment to a post there to request it. Remember, if you comment anon, I'll need an email address to send the upload file to. The full community has been backed up, comments and all, and both files are under 1MB.

2) After I make this post, I will be deleting all other posts from the community (hence the backing up in point 1) to remove all potentially ban-worthy content.

3) I have not removed any members from the communities. However, I have removed posting rights to prevent any new posts from coming in. I do encourage members to leave the community after they are up to date on events if they feel there may still be a risk of being banned for being associated with it. Departing is not required, however, which is why I did not make that choice for others. Membership is now closed as well.

4) I have created feeds to the alternatives to both comms on GJ and IJ. If you wish to continue to watch them from your LJ flist, you can add them.


5) I have removed the layout art and virtually all of the information in the profiles, including the keywords, in order to reduce the likelihood of there being any potentially ban-worthy content.

These communities will remain in existence for as long as LJ allows them to be, so that a placeholder post can remain up for members to know what happened to the comms, their content and comments, and the options available to them.

I did not want to do that, but the deletion of elricsexual made me consider the future of these comms, and the previously linked post in lj_biz cinched my decision. I hope you will understand, and I thank you for your participation here and hope to continue seeing more fanworks from you all in the future at the other communities.
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